The Little Philadelphia Cheesesteak started in the early 80's when John Burn moved to Reno from his hometown of Philadelphia. He found a lack of reliable cheesesteak restaurants and was inspired to start his own to share his vision of cheesesteaks.

          Fast forward to 1989, the Thompson family moved from Fremont, California to Reno and decided to take ownership of the restaurant in Sparks. From '89 to '05, Bob and Beth Thompson, with the help of their family, kept the restaurant booming and thrived. Eventually, the restaurant was sold to another to continue the tradition of the fabulous Philly cheesesteak. 

          During the Covid pandemic of 2020, Jorge Ramos and Dellena Ramos, daughter of Bob and Beth Thompson, decided it was the perfect time to start their own cheesesteak adventure. Although the couple were unable to acquire the Sparks location, the legacy continues within the original restaurant. 

          Going back to her roots, the Little Philadelphia Cheesesteak is once again using the old school recipe from Dellena's childhood and the couple continue to delight the community with their fabulous cheesesteaks. 

          With customer service their #1 priority and tantalizing sandwiches smothered in the original CheeseWhiz, the Little Philadelphia Cheesesteak is sure to satisfy.